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When searching Hoverboards, many customers look for Hoverboards from the UK. The question is, are Hoverboards from the UK and if so how do I buy one?

Hoverboards from the UK

In the same way that mobile phones and other gadgets are predominantly made in China, so our Hoverboards. However, due to the mass production of Hoverboards in China, no two Hoverboards are the same between one company and the other.

In fact, when searching for UK Hoverboards for sale you’re likely to come across plenty of new websites claiming to be from the UK. However, many of these websites are in fact foreign sellers targeting UK consumers yet drop-shipping their boards from China.

What British consumers need to aware of is that this exists today. You are purchasing an electrical product for your kids, so safety should be your priority. When buying a Hoverboard from a reputable seller such as SWEGWAY PRO, you’re guaranteeing that your Hoverboards are from the UK.

In this article we will cover the following things you need to know:

Is there such a thing as a UK Hoverboard?
Are there any Hover Boards made in the UK?
How do I ensure that I buy Hoverboards from the UK?
If at any point you want more information about Hoverboards from the UK, please contact us. Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299 where a member of our UK Hoverboard team will be happy to assist you.

What are Hoverboards from the UK?
Hoverboards from UK stock

Many customers looking to buy Hoverboards from the UK may come across plenty of websites that look like they’re all selling the same thing. However, this is very far from the truth. Many online Hovebroard sellers tend to cut corners during the manufacturing phase of their Hoverboards. These include:

Cheap or dangerous Hoverboard batteries
Low-quality PCB components and electrical build
Unreliable charging adaptors that are sometimes dangerous
Dual-kit Hovebroards that are generally £75 cheaper to manufacture per board. These are far less reliable!
So if you’re buying a UK Hoverboard then it is always best to ask the seller several questions. These include where their Hoverboards are designed and manufactured. As well as this, we recommend quizzing the seller on what Hoverboard batteries are used and ask for proof.

We also recommend that you ask the Hoverboard seller whether or not their PCB’s are dual-kits, as this is a huge reliability factor. You don’t want to purchase a cheap Hoverboard that will cause you problems within weeks or days down the line.

Hoverboards from the UK will essentially mean that the Hoverboards are from UK stock. In the case of SWEGWAY PRO, each Hoverboard is made from British design. This means that every component and module within the Hoverboard is from British design, right here in the UK. Due to this, they are able to guarantee 100% reliability and safety throughout their entire UK Hoverboard range.

Hoverboards made in the UK
Hoverboards made in UK SWEGWAY PRO

Believe it or not, Hoverboards are not made in the UK. However, there is a huge difference between drop-shipped Chinese Hoverboards and UK Hoverboards from UK Stock. Let us explain…

If you have an iPhone, you will notice that at the back of the phone the following details: “Designed in California, Made in China”.

This highlights a very important key feature in the production phase. Apple iPhone’s are able to maintain high-quality products by the implementation of their own designs. They have a struct supply chain which guarantees the safety and reliability of their products.

Similarly, SWEGWAY PRO is a UK-based Hoverboard company who design their own Hoverboards for sale before they undergo manufacturing. Every component and design feature is bespoke tailored to the UK consumer market. That way, they are able to ensure reliability and safety throughout their entire UK Hoverboard range.

SWEGWAY PRO also go the extra mile by overseeing the entire manufacturing process. Their representatives are on the ground in China to ensure that their Hoverboard designs are being taken seriously.

So while there are no Hoverboards made in the UK, you can certainly get close enough to buy Hoverboards made from UK Design.

How Do I Buy Hover Boards From The UK?
HOVERBOARDS UK Guide to buying

In the past, we have written many articles which guide you through buying the best Hover Boards in the UK. You can read some of them here:

What makes a good Hoverboard company?
Buying Hoverboards UK: A Simple Guide
One of the main things you should consider when buying Hover Boards from the UK is whether or not they are indeed a proper British-based company. We advise customers to check thoroughly whether or not they are a UK-registered business and that the company has a physical retail presence.

We know too often events where customers purchase Hoverboards online to suddenly experience that the Hoverboard seller disappears. To avoid this from happening we recommend that you do the following checks:

Make sure that the Hover Board seller has a physical retail presence so that there is face-to-face accountability in the event you need to visit.
Be sure that the Hoverboards are from UK stock and UK design
Give the UK Hover Board seller a call. If there is no contact number or they do not answer then do not buy from them
Ensure that the UK Hoverboard seller has a British website and is contactable
Check their history of sales. UK Hoverboard sellers should have a trail of customer reviews from happy customers.
Quiz the Hoverboard seller about their Hoverboards. They should know the ins-and-outs of their product!
So before buying Hoverboards from the UK, read our recommendations and many guides that we have written. That way you can avoid being stung by a cheap Hoverboard that is likely to be unreliable or unsafe to use.

Want more information about Hover Boards from the UK? Our UK Hoverboard specialists are on-hand ready to offer the best advice and guidance on how to buy the best Hoverboards for sale. Give our 24-hour helpline a call on 0113 320 2299.

Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.
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